Rock Glen Conservation Area

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Phone 1 - 519 - 828 - 3071
Picnic areas and hiking trails that are also wheel chair accessible. Indian artifacts and Fossil Museum, which is operated with Arkona Lion's Club. Open from May to October - pavilions available for picnics and Family Reunions, be sure to book early at the number above or call 1-519-235-2610.
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Exeter, Ontario.

When pioneers arrived in the Rock Glen area in the mid 1800s, they built a grist mill and establised a settlement there. Henry Utter built the first mill in 1837 and the last mill was built in 1870 by Mr. Mitchell in the south bank of the stream. Some years later, the mill was shut down due to low water, which ran the turbine wheel. The old foundation can still be seen on the south side just West of the Rock Glen Water Falls.

In 1907, the Rock Glen Power Company constructed a dam on the Ausable River at Rock Glen. Following the formation of Ontario Hydro the Rock Glen Power Co. ceased producing electricity and the dam was blown out later. Remnants of the dam are still evident.

The Ausable River Gorge and the Rock Glen section is famous for its exposed beds of fossils, dating back to the Devonian period in Ontario's history, about 350 million years ago. We have many visitors that come to this area to find fossils that are scientifically named - crinoids, brachiopods and trilobites. These ancient treasures were once strange types of shellfish that swam, crawled or drifted about in the tropical waters of Ontario. Surprisingly, these creatures survived 400 million years of change and remained trapped in their 'rock tomb' until the glacier retreated. The melting waters from this glacier formed the Rock Glen Falls and the Ausable River Gorge about 13,000 years ago. The Falls have actually moved about 400 meters upstream to its present location.